Example of CIB engineered iPSC lines

I- Gene knockout (ZFN)


II-Reporter gene knock-in at endogenous gene site  (TALEN)


A. NKX2-5 TALEN and target donor design;B. SSA assay. 

C.junction PCR test of targeted integration of single clones(target band 1200bp,C1,C2 are active clones, CTR active control,M: DS 1W Marker. 

D.GFP  expression of genetic modified hiPSC derived cardiomyocytes

III- Genetic modification in endogenous gene site (CRISPR/Cas9)

APP(Alzheimer Disease- related gene)


A: Donor design; B: Junction PCR to verify site-specific integration (left arm length 1252bp,right arm length 1463bp); C: Sequences of the junction site (partial). 

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