Health management and anti-aging


    In 2015,DCHMC.  The focus of CIB Health Management Center (CHMC) is to apply advancement in genome sequencing, molecular diagnostics, immune cell technology, and stem cell technology to personalized health management. Our goal is to provide customers a holistic and comprehensive health management strategy according to their individual needs and thus effectively improve their quality of life and longevity. We will offer our customers the best available, science-driven products and services for health maintenance and anti-aging.  Our products and services are based on human biology and specifically designed to mimic the physiological processes that keep human body staying healthy.

Biology underlying human health and longevity: Human health and longevity are relying on three major systems in human body: 

    1) defense system or immune system that helps our body to prevent and fight diseases; 

    2) regeneration system or stem cells that provides renewable source of healthy cells to replace aged and damaged cells;  

    3) maintenance system that is responsible for routine repair and coordination of body's physiological functions.

Weakening or dysfunction in any of these three systems will lead to disease (like cancer) and speed up the aging process. Therefore, health management and anti-aging have to take a holistic approach on improvement of all these systems; whereas cell-based health management is the ultimate way to achieve this goal.

Based on the concept of holistic health management, CHMC is focusing on two fundamental areas:

    1、targeting the biological systems underlying human health through cell-based technologies; 

    2、managing human health according to individual's needs. 

Over the years, we have developed and will continue to develop personalized health products using our human cell-based technologies.  Currently, we are offering several products and services

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