Personalized genetic test (genome sequencing)


    Since each person is unique in terms of their genetic deposition and body's physiology, health management has to be personalized, like precision medicine.

    With advancement in next generation sequencing (NGS), numerous large scale genome wide association studies have been conducted to identify genetic components underlying many medical conditions, such as adverse drug reactions, central nervous system disorders, and cancer. Results from those studies have revealed that almost in all cases medical symptoms are associated with genetic abnormality at DNA level.  Therefore, establishing a personalized genetic profile by whole genome sequencing or targeted genome sequencing has become an essential part of personalized medicine or precision medicine. Genetic profiling is a vital part of our personalized health management. 

   CHMC is offering a suite of genetic testing services including whole genome sequencing and targeted sequencing like cancer panels and CNS panels, etc. Based on personalized genetic profiling, we will be able to design a better and more sensible long term health management plan for each individual customer.   

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