Product for cancer prevention – NK cells

    Cancer is the final frontier for modern medicine and is a major threat to human health and longevity.  Cancer cells are originated from normal cells with deleterious mutations. 

Occurrence of cancer is related to three major factors: genetic make-up, environment, and immune system. 

 Genetic make-up determines body’s vulnerability for somatic cell mutation;

 Environment condition determines the speed and extent of somatic cell mutation;

 Immune system determines the chance of actually getting cancer.

    In our body, mutated cells or pre-cancer cells can occur at anytime and anywhere; however, whether a person will get cancer or not is heavily dependent upon whether his (her) immune system can get rid of those abnormal cells in time. So, having a strong healthy immune system is the ultimate defense against cancer. 

    Environmental contamination, aging, over-work, stress, and diseases can all weaken our body’s immune system, giving pre-cancer and cancer cells opportunity to escape.  Therefore, the best and most sensible method for cancer prevention is to boost body’s immune system, particularly, to boost the activity of immune cells that are directly responsible for getting rid of abnormal cells.  


    CHMC’s cancer prevention product – NK cells is based on this concept. NK cells or natural killer cells are the frontline of our immune system that is directly responsible for getting rid of infected, damaged, and mutated abnormal cells.  NK cells are like a police force, existing everywhere in our body. Their major function is to find and kill abnormal cells but not harming normal cells. Having enough functional NK cells is vital for human health and cancer prevention. 

    There are numerous scientific studies demonstrated that activity (number) of NK cells is associated with occurrence of cancer. People with more NK cells have lower probability of getting cancer compared to people with fewer NK cells. Also, activity of NK cells decreases with aging, correlating with the fact that cancer occurrence increases with aging.  CHMC’s cancer prevention product is based on a technology developed by Japanese scientists. This technology takes people's own blood cells, selectively induces NK cells in the blood sample to grow under optimal culture condition, and thus produces large quantities of high purity NK cells. Then, those ex vivo propagated NK cells are infused back into the person intravenously.  NK cells made by this technology have similar function to that of the original NK cells with better activity due to the fact that they have gone through a rejuvenation process.  This product boosts activity of NK cells by increasing the total number of active NK cells.

    Increasing body’s NK cell activity periodically can help to get rid of body’s abnormal cells before they become cancer cells, just like a thorough house clean up, and doing so to prevent cancer from the beginning. 

Our NK cell product is particularly helpful for the following groups of people:

· People with prone cancer genetic deposition such as mutations discovered by whole genome sequencing or cancel panel sequencing

· People over 40 years old

· People live in hazardous environment

· People work long hours with high stresses

· People have compromised immune system

· People have chronic infection and poor health


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