Product for immune-modulation and tissue repair – mesenchymal stem cells

    Mesenchymal stem cells are adult stem cells found in a wide range of human tissues, including bone marrow, fat tissue, muscle tissue, umbilical blood, umbilical cord, and placental, etc.  

MSCs possess three main features: 

 1) they can differentiate into fat cells, cartilage cells, bone cells and other types of cells; 

 2) they can secret a variety of trophic factors that help cell regeneration and tissue repair; 

 3) they have immuno-modulator function that helps keeping immune system in balance. 

    Therefore, MSCs play an important role in body’s maintenance and repair system. 


    Over the past two decades, MSCs have been viewed as a highly promising strategy in regenerative medicine.  Since MSCs are immune privileged and will not be attacked by body's immune system, allogeneic cell infusion is safe, making it possible to manufacture large quantities of clinical grade MSCs as off-the-shelf product.

    MSCs have been widely used in regenerative medicine field for treatment of a variety of disorders. Using MSCs for anti-aging is based on the fact that MSCs can be used to control chronic inflammation caused by dead and damaged cells and to help repair tissues either through secreting trophic factors to stimulate tissue-specific stem cells or by differentiation of themselves into the targeted cells.

    In 2015, a South Korea research team led by YUN-BAE KIM reported a comprehensive study of MSC’s anti-aging effect on rats. They found that intravenously transplantation of human MSCs into 10-month-old rats once a month throughout their lives significantly improved cognitive and physical functions of naturally aging rats, extending life span about 30%. The stem cell therapy increased the concentration of acetylcholine and recovered neurotrophic factors in the brain and muscles, leading to restoration of microtubule-associated protein 2, cholinergic and dopaminergic nervous systems microvessels, muscle mass, and anti-oxidative capacity, etc. 

    At CIB, we have developed a proprietary technology to make clinical grade mesenchymal stem cells from umbilical cord. CIB’s MSCs are manufactured in our first class cGMP facility under stringent quality control. Each batch of our MSCs has to pass a series of quality tests to ensure superior and consistent performance. 

Our off-the-shelf MSC product is particularly suitable for:

· People have chronic inflammation

· People have autoimmune diseases

· People have long irregular work schedules

· People have poor health condition and low level of energy

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