Product for cell regeneration – personalized iPSC bank

      As we discussed before, stem cells are directly responsible for our body's ability to regenerate new cells, which is vital for human health and longevity. In natural condition, our body’s stem cells will gradually decline or disappear during the aging process, resulting in poor health and death. This used to be an irreversible process. However, in 2006, a Japanese research group led by Dr. Shinya Yamanaka reported a major scientific breakthrough in the field of stem cell research and regenerative medicine.  By over-expression of several key transcription factors, they were able to reprogram mammalian somatic cells back into embryonic stem cell state, called induced pluripotent stem cell or iPSC.  Discovery of iPSC technology brought a tremendous promise to regenerative medicine field and due to its huge impact on modern medicine Yamanaka was awarded 2012 Nobel Prize for physiology and medicine.

For personalized health management and anti-aging, iPSC technology offers two major advantages: 

  1) using this technology, scientists can reprogram mature human cells back to embryonic stem cell state, and then re-differentiate them into all kinds of human cells. Since iPSC can be propagated ex vivo indefinitely, it provides an unlimited source of stem cells and primary cells;

  2) iPSC can be made from any individuals and thus be personalized. Any cells derived from personalized iPSC can be used directly to the person without the risk of immune-rejection. With the rapid progress in iPS field, it is not unimaginable that in near future, personalized iPSC can be used to generate new cells, tissues, and even organs, to replace the damaged and/or aged ones and thus rejuvenate the person's life.

      Personalized iPSC banking is a part of DCHMC’s holistic personalized health management, specifically designed for people who are concerned about their long term health and longevity. Personalized iPSC banking will provide a unique opportunity for our customers to store their iPSCs as early as possible so that they can enjoy the benefits of new scientific breakthroughs brought by the rapid progress in iPSC research field. This service leverages CIB’s core capability in iPSC generation. 

      Since 2010, CIB scientists have been working with GIBH and Sigma-Aldrich scientists to develop commercial grade iPSC lines. So far, we have mastered the most advanced somatic cell reprogramming technology and have made more than 50 commercial grade iPSC lines. For the personalized iPSC banking, we have developed a streamlined process and SOPs for manufacturing of clinical grade iPSCs according to the international standards guided by International Society of Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) and have established a cGMP facility for making and storing iPSCs.

      In addition, we have developed protocols for directed differentiation of iPSCs into neural stem cells, neurons, astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, as well as heart and liver cells. Particularly, our iPSC-derived neural stem cells will soon be used in clinical trials to treat central nerves system disorders, such as Parkinson’s Disease, demyelination diseases, and spinal cord injury, etc. Personalized iPSC banking combined with differentiation technology will make cell regeneration a realty, which will certainly benefit a person’s long term health management.

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