Consultation of personalized health management

      Personalization is a very important part of our holistic health management plan. In last decade, personalized medicine or precision medicine has attracted a lot of attention from medical community. Overwhelming evidence has showed that different people have different reaction to the same drug in terms of safety and efficacy.  Therefore, traditional one-for-all approach is not suitable for medical treatment any more. Precision medicine that treats patients according to their individual situation is urgently needed for future medical practice. Similarly, our health management is taking a personalized approach.

      In order to do so, we have established a network of professionals, including experienced clinicians, geneticists, and experts on cell-based health management. For each of our customers, our panel of experts will analyze the person’s medical profile, working condition, personal health goals, etc.  Based on the health information collected from a customer, our experts will work with the customer to draft a detailed personal health management plan and suggest suitable products and services, either from CHMC or other suppliers. Through this personalized health consultation, we will ensure our customers getting the best end results with minimum expense.


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