Somatic cell reprogramming & iPSC banking

    Since 2010, somatic cell reprogramming has been CIB’s major focus. Over the years, our scientists have tested and compared various reprogramming technologies and mastered three commonly used reprogramming methods: the original retrovirus vector-based method, episomal vector-based footprint-free method, and Sendai virus vector based footprint-free method. Using those methods, we have created more than 40 iPSC lines from different persons and different tissue types. Currently, we are using the Sendai virus vector-based method routinely for generation of iPSC.  We have optimized our entire reprogramming workflow on urine and blood cells due to their non-invasive nature and now we can consistently obtained high quality iPS cells in less than 6 months with >90% success rate.  In addition, we have established the SOPs for making clinical grade iPSCs according to the ISSCR guideline.


    To leverage our competency in somatic cell reprogramming, we have built a program on iPSC banking. Our effort includes two aspects: one is iPSC banking for public use in which we will make iPSC lines from patients with genetic diseases, particularly orphan diseases. The iPSC lines in the public banking will be available to everyone who is interested in studying disease mechanisms and in drug development for those diseases. The other part of our iPSC banking program is personalized iPSC banking that is similar to cord blood banking. For personalized iPSC banking, we will make clinical grade iPSC  for customers.  Those personalized iPSC will be extensively tested for their pluripotency and differentiation potential and then stored in a safe stored properly for future use. The personalized iPSC banking allows individuals to take advantages of progresses made in iPSC-based cell therapy field.

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